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     Product Name:   38W T10 LED Tube Light 240cm

Shade Dimension: 30*2400mm
Rated Power: 36W
LED Qty. 552pcs
Housing Material: Frosted PC,6063 Aluminum Transparent PC,6063 Aluminum Stripe PC,6063 Aluminum
Input Voltage & Frequency 85-264VAC,50-60Hz
Power Factor 0.95
Luminous Flux: 3300lm-3500lm 3400lm-3600lm 3300lm-3500lm
Beam Angle: 120 degrees
Color Rendering Index:

Warm White:75Ra, Daylight White & Cool White:80Ra

Color Temperature:

Warm White:3000K-3500K, Daylight White:4000K-4500K, Cool White:5500K-6500K

Working Temperature: -20a„ƒ - 45 a„ƒ
Luminous Intensity:

455lux @ 1M
185lux @ 2M
105lux @ 3M

650lux @ 1M
260lux @ 2M
145lux @ 3M

455lux @ 1M
185lux @ 2M
105lux @ 3M

Luminous Efficiency:


Equal to Traditional Tube:





Applications of Product

Meeting rooms, restaurants, office buildings, factories, shopping malls, schools, airports, subway, station, garage, hotel, home, hospital, library and teaching buildings and other indoor lighting


Lamp bracket wiring conversion chart

1. Inductive ballast bracket mounting as shown below to remove the starter and ballast, press the icon to change the stent wires and do the insulation treatment, and then fitted with LED lamps.


2.As shown below to remove the ballast electronic ballast bracket mounting, press the icon change stent wire connection and do a good job insulating handle, and then fitted with LED lamps.

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