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     Product Name:   68W T8 LED Tube Light 8ft 2400mm

68W T8 LED Tube Light 8ft 2400mm 

Competitive advantage: the international brand corresponding to the same power of 30%, 5 years warranty more than 2 years counterparts, 30% cheaper price, synchronous supply of cheap economic models, the price is lower than the lighting market, manufacturers quality assurance.
High quality: high bright crystal 2835 lamp beads, 1.2mm thick high thermal conductivity aluminum plate, 91% high efficiency anti-lightning constant current drive, 100,000 hours or more high-pressure long-life electrolytic capacitors.
High brightness: light efficiency up to the industry's top 130m / W or more, 30% lighter than the international brand corresponding power; 10W can replace the ordinary 45W fluorescent!
Super power: saving 72% -80%, each lamp a year to save 75 yuan, 5 years province 375 yuan, earn more than led lamp.
Long life: the use of 100,000 hours / 105 ℃ high-pressure long-life electrolytic capacitors, a installation, life of more than 5 years.

1. Healthy light source, excluding ultraviolet and infrared ray, no radiation
2. High power, high brightness, high efficiency, more than 80% energy saving than ordinary lamps, with 3 years' warranty.
3. Tube material is fragile aluminum and PC covers, with high light transmittance, good insulation properties, shock-proof, resistance to fall and convenient transportation.
4 AC converts to DC directly, high color rendering index without stroboscopic, eye protection.
5. Adopt SMD LED, large emitting angle, single-sided light-emitting.
6. No electromagnetic interference, pure lighting, high color rendering index, is a new type of green lighting product.
Size of Product


Applications of Product

Meeting rooms, restaurants, office buildings, factories, shopping malls, schools, airports, subway, station, garage, hotel, home, hospital, library and teaching buildings and other indoor lighting


1.Rated voltage is AC85V-264V/50-60Hz. Voltage is too high or too low in a state of long-term use, will affect the normal function and life;
2.Is not installed on the use of flammable objects, no matter what the circumstances, the lamps can not be insulated cover gasket or similar material;
3.Installation and replacement lamps, turn off the power, to ensure personal safety;
4.LED saving lamp dimmer lighting should not be used as a place to use;
5.LED energy-saving lamp with the optical instruments can not directly see. Grade 1M;
6.When they find the work exceptions tube (self-extinguishing, flashing), check the performance of contact with the lamp holder and power supply voltage is normal, If you are normal error persists, the need to exchange a new light ;
7.Prohibits the outdoor rain shower and a place to use; 

Shade dimension: 28*2400mm
Rated power: 68W
LED Qty. 576pcs
Housing material: Frosted PC+6063 Aluminum Transparent PC+6063 Aluminum
Input Voltage & Frequency 85-264VAC/DC,50-60Hz
Power Factor 0.97
Luminous flux: 6700lm-7000lm 6900lm-7100lm
Beam angle: 120 degrees

Color Rendering Index:

warm white:75Ra, daylight white & cool white:80Ra

Color Temperature:

Warm white:3000K-3500K, daylight white:4000K-4500K, cool white:5500K-6500K

Working Temperature:

-20a„ƒ - 45 a„ƒ

Luminous Intensity



Langte led light classification:

1. Infrared induction led light tube, radar induction led light tube, voice control led light tube Light induction led light tube (exclusive) - used in garage, intelligent control. "The car is lit and the car is half bright." 85% energy saving, in which the light-sensitive led light tube is exclusively developed, automatically adjusts the light, automatically fills the light and reduces the light.

2. Waterproof led tube - used in cold storage, refrigerator, freezer

3. Dimming led tube - conference room, special scene

4. Low voltage 24vled lamp, including 12v, 36v, 48v, 60v, 110v - used in machines, instruments, cars

5. Plant growth led tube, simulating sunlight, full spectrum, a wider range of applications. - used in agriculture to promote rapid growth of crops

6. Compatible with ballast led lamp (no need to change the line) - artificial too expensive, direct replacement. Suitable for European OSRAM, Philips, Japan, US electronic ballasts

7. Emergency led light tube - used for emergency use in power outage.

8. All-plastic tube led tube - heat-dissipating plastic, low price, quality guaranteed

9. Advanced LED tube - high standard, electromagnetic compatibility

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