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3rd Generation led t8 factorymanufacturer, TUVCEETLFCCROHS SMD LED tube for factory, supermarket, workshop application T8 1.5 m LED fluorescent lamp, led lamp tube 1.5 m 25w, T8 1.5 m LED fluorescent lamp is divided into aluminum plastic pipe and plastic pipe material, led lamp 1.5 m 25w power is large, using 0.2w 2835 lamp bead luminous flux 2500lm. It is also one of the commonly used specifications, replacing the traditional 1.5 m 58w fluorescent lamp, the length is the same as the lamp holder, and the bracket can be used universally.

3rd Generation T8 TUV CE ETL FCC ROHS SMD LED tube features with high luminous flux,high power factor and high light efficiency.Frosted cover and transparent cover available.


P/N Color LED Quantity (PCS) Light Source  Work Voltage(V) Power(W) Luminous Flux(lm) Diameter(mm)  Weight(KG) Package Dimension(mm) Length(mm)
LT-ETL28A*** Pure White 132 3528SMD AC110V-240V 9 900 ?28 0.22±10% 655*190*275mm 1/24 600
Warm White 855
Commercial White 900
LT-ETL28A*** Pure White 192 3528SMD AC110V-240V 13 1180 ?28 0.3±10% 960*190*275mm 1/24 900
Warm White 1120
Commercial White 1180
LT-ETL28A*** Pure White 264 3528SMD AC110V-240V 18 1750 ?28 0.38±10% 1265*190*275mm 1/24 1200
Warm White 1662
Commercial White 1750
LT-ETL28A*** Pure White 312 3528SMD AC110V-240V 22 2080 ?28 0.46±10% 1565*190*275mm 1/24 1500
Warm White 1976
Commercial White 2080

 ??/font> Certificate: ETL, TUV(pending), TUV-CE(pending), RoHS.
  ??nbsp; Power Factor (PF): ≥ 0.95.
 ??nbsp; Light Efficiency: ≥ 0.95.
  ??Range of Color Temperature: Pure white 6000K—7000K, Commercial White 4000—5000K, Warm White 3000K—3500K.
 ??nbsp; CRI: ≥ 80 according to request.
 ??nbsp; Working Temperature: -20°C to 40° C.
??Aluminum body, PC cover, clear and frost cover available.
 ??nbsp;Environment friendly, no mercury, no lead, no ultraviolet, no noise and other hazardous substance.
 ??Energy-saving, LongTech T8 ETL TUV SMD LED Tube can save at least 60% power comparing to the traditional fluorescent tube.
 ??Quick start, no flicker, protecting people’s eyes.
 ??Long life span, ≥ 50,000 hours.


Installation Instructions
Light Distribution Curve (1200mm Length 6000K-7000K)

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