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T8 led tube and T5 led tube contrast, where is the advantage?
2019-07-25 16:16:44  

The T8LED fluorescent tube replaces the ordinary LED tube and can save about 60% of electricity. High luminous efficiency and smart led fluorescent lamps save up to 85%

T8 uses built-in power supply, direct replacement, easy installation, in line with people's habits, greatly reducing the trouble of installation, using aluminum-plastic pipe, good heat dissipation, can be used repeatedly, environmentally friendly, does not damage the environment.

T5 split type pipe is thin and heat dissipation is not good. At present, we have introduced T5led fluorescent lamp with diameter of 20-22. The power supply can be built in, the heat dissipation is greatly improved, the T5 is integrated, the heat dissipation is good, and the installation needs to be screwed.

The T8 and T5 are integrated in the same length except for the thickness. The installation method is the same. Because the tube bracket is integrated, the heat dissipation is very good.

The difference between the two is mainly the diameter, although they are all cylindrical. T8 diameter 26mm T5 diameter 16mm

There is also a difference in length. Generally speaking, the length of the T8 tube is longer than the length of the T5led tube. For example, the length is also 1.2 meters. In the case of no pins, the length of the T8 1.2 meter is 1198, and T51. The length of 2 meters is 1149, the difference is still a bit large. It must be noted. Because the mounting bracket is matched with the lamp, they cannot be easily replaced between the two.

The advantage of T8 is that it can make more functions of led fluorescent lamps. For example, like radar-sensing led fluorescent lamps and infrared-sensing led lamps, these two models can only be done with T8 tubes. T5 tubes are too thin, and the sensing heads are loaded. Not going up. However, there are ways to achieve it, that is to use T8 to T5 lamp to do. The purpose is to use T8 pipe, use T5 length, plug T8, pin 5mm, completely Can be achieved. The bracket can also be loaded.

The advantage of T5led lamp tube is that it is small and easy to install to a place with small space. It does not occupy the position. It should be noted that for its heat dissipation, the power can be made smaller. If high brightness is required, then we recommend high light efficiency. The lamp can meet the requirements. At the same time, the power supply is externally placed as much as possible to reduce the interference of the heat source on the lamp. The high-efficiency effect is more stressful. First, the brightness of the led lamp bead is higher, the number will increase, and the second is the lamp bead. The voltage should be lower, the third is that the power supply efficiency is high, and the fourth is that the pc cover has good light transmission and many other reasons, in order to achieve high light efficiency requirements. It is necessary to repeatedly test and calculate. General professional manufacturers can do it. .

It is recommended to prioritize the renovation of the T8LED fluorescent tube to replace the LED tube, which has greater energy saving benefits. At the same time, it is helpful to select a heavier aluminum material when selecting the tube, which is very helpful for heat dissipation.
???With the development of LED lighting technology in recent years, the underground parking lot energy-saving renovation project uses LED lamp instead of T5/T8 lamp technology. The optimal solution for underground parking lot lighting energy saving is installed by installing passive infrared mobile sensor and intelligence. The intelligent LED lamp of the controller realizes the automatic induction of the lamp, and the light is turned on, and the person turns to the dark. It is the optimal solution for lighting energy saving in the underground parking lot. Installation of such products can achieve energy savings of 80% and 90%.

The common advantages of T8/T5led lamps are that they are energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and have a long service life. The power is generally small, but the effect is good. Compared with other LED lamps, the advantages are obvious. Cheap, high luminous efficiency. Suitable for large area lighting

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