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T5led tube replacement T5 fluorescent tube
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T5led tube replacement T5 fluorescent tube
T5led lamp is a fluorescent tube in the tube, accounting for half of the entire led fluorescent lamp, but because of its relatively thin lamp, generally not a good replacement, the following description, according to different situations to replace the method there are about three.
T5led lamp replacement T5 fluorescent tube
The first: split T5led lamp, also known as single tube T5led lamp, such as 1.2 meters, length 1149, plug G5.3, is divided into two kinds. A power supply external, lamp itself sub-polarity, can also be non-polar, power supply placed in the bracket inside, the bracket to be modified. A power supply built-in, power supply design with aluminum substrate above, power supply features are narrow pressure. Generally between 200-230v, but also to meet the requirements.
The second: T5 integrated led lamp, this is the lamp and bracket into one, the installation, only need to fix a good metal buckle on the line, the advantage is to save the lamp bracket, power can be built, installed Extremely simple, the installation location is also flexible. General new equipment can be considered.
The third: T8 turn T5led fluorescent lamp, simply say, T8 body, T5 plug, power can also be built, the advantage is that aluminum increases, better heat dissipation, light angle increases, power built-in. Realize direct replacement of T5 fluorescent lamps.
T5led lamp replacement T5 fluorescent tube is attached to the actual situation to replace, the general replacement with a split or T8 turn T5led lamp is better, the new equipment, the general use of integrated T5led fluorescent lamp, this installation flexible, Or hoisting can be, cost considerations are also cost-effective.

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