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led lamp mall lighting
longtech  []  2015-11-25 16:04:18  

 led lamp mall lighting is very common, large-area lighting, energy efficient. More and more obvious superiority. Especially Bronte 18wLED alternative to ordinary fluorescent tube fluorescent 40W about 60 percent more energy-efficient; the use of high-efficiency SMD2835 lamp beads, light is small, long service life of 50,000 hours. Common fluorescent lamp life: 3000 hours, less than a year to be replaced, long life led allow more energy-saving advantages of energy-saving lighting; fast recovery costs, calculated at the current cost, LED fluorescent tubes use about 4000 hours recoverable costs; other costs such as replacing the old ordinary lamp, starter, ballast damage, labor costs, if you count these costs, cost recovery time even shorter. 4-5 months to recover the cost of 2.5 years to start earning electricity.

   led lamp lighting the mall, pay attention to the color temperature selection, different regions, with different color temperature led tube, in order to improve customer desire to buy.
Food area, the use of warm light is good, the garment district, high color rendering index led lamp better, vivid colors. Luxury goods, using directional illumination better. To increase the brightness, led lamp can be increased mounting density. Batch newly installed, use integrated led lamp, easy installation, can be lifting, it can be ceiling installation. Lifting height is inversely proportional to the illuminance. In order to increase the illumination, can lifting a little low, of course, you can do higher brightness led fluorescent tubes.
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