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longtech earthquake led fluorescent tube
longtech  []  2015-10-11 11:29:30  

 longtech earthquake led fluorescent tube

longtech has developed anti-vibration led fluorescent tube for vibration is relatively large, such as drilling platforms. General led lamp, G13 plug because it is not anti-vibration, use, needle contact is not good, jitter occurs, the input voltage is bad, it will lead to voltage instability, then led lamp will flicker, thus affecting lighting.
Bronte earthquake led fluorescent tube, a unique plug, inside the tube using a special process. Overcome these shortcomings, well done lighting functions such as: the use of seismic thickness aluminum tubes, aluminum plate: 1.0 thick strength, lamp beads: good quality gold lights. Luminous efficiency 100lm / w Power: Fully sealed, wire: UL22 # tensile strength, weld reinforcement plus rubber thread processing.
 Seismic LED Tube: LED fluorescent tube is the latest trend of green energy-saving products, with low power consumption, wide operating voltage range, long life, high efficiency, high brightness, low heat, durable, seismic, pressure, etc. . Appearance similar to conventional fluorescent lamps, using special plug without ballast, instant start no flash, saving up to 70%, life expectancy is 5-8 times more than ordinary lamp is the first choice to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp ! When installing simply remove the original fluorescent replace LED lamp, ballast and starter can be removed.
Bronte earthquake led fluorescent tube, 3-year warranty, Packing: 25 / box.
Specifications: T8 1.2 绫?T8 0.6 绫?/div>
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