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longtech built-in power Emergency LED Tube
longtech  []  2015-10-09 10:06:44  

 longtech built-in power Emergency LED Tube

longtech recently developed a built-in power emergency LED lamp, easy to install, and use the same general led fluorescent, no need to install, easy to use. General emergency led lamp, emergency power supply volume is relatively large, there is an external battery, only suitable for installation where space. By the power supply and battery into the lamp after using simple. Especially suitable for general emergency situations do not require a long time of application
The main parameters:
Lighting power: 12w
Emergency power: 5w
Tube length: 120cm
Emergency time: 15-20 minutes
Lamp beads: 2835
Lamp beads: 96
Lamp beads and manner: 16 and 6 string
Power: Isolated constant current power supply
Battery: 12v lithium battery
How to install Bronte Emergency LED Tube
Must be checked before installation within the old fluorescent stent is in what way to drive fluorescent tubes, electronic drive or inductor (coil) drive,
If the electronic drive, it is necessary to connect the original power supply and electronic ballast apart, as well as the lamp and electronic ballast cable cut,
If the inductance (coil) ballasts, without changes to other lines, the light tubes and starters removed and replaced Bronte emergency LED fluorescent tubes can be used normally.
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