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How to avoid price led fluorescent fight?
longtech  []  2015-09-28 12:05:25  

 How to avoid price led fluorescent fight?

led fluorescent Why would jump into the cycle of price wars? The reason is very simple, it is the products are identical, not have their own characteristics. With the knowledge of economics is concerned, when the commodity oversupply, in order to sell them out, is bound to force it to reduce prices. In fact, led fluorescent lamp industry, too, you can make a product people still can do it. So by means of lower prices to attract more customers, but bogged down in a price war, some companies even pay a heavy price. Therefore, enterprises should be developed, they must jump out of the cycle of price wars led fluorescent, to understand the market requirements.
Customers can usually do surveys asking customers like the type led lamp, like the economy or durable type. You can also set a more detailed questionnaire. Only when the product widen the gap, we have enough freedom of pricing, in order to gradually guide the consumer spending outlook multipolarity, in order to make the market rules more perfect.
So success lies in its unconventional, do not the same product with others, heavy that the user experience, development of products are basically interactive link with consumers, these interactive sessions not only stimulate consumer desire to buy, but also to derive forefront of information, equivalent to the consumer side placed a hidden camera, this information will be aggregated, after analysis, will be able to predict the future direction of product development.
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