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led tube lamp beads using 2835 What are the benefits?
longtech  []  2015-09-27 20:24:42  

 led tube lamp beads using 2835 What are the benefits?

 2835 lamp led lamp uses a lot of beads, under normal circumstances, the luminous efficiency greatly improved, can do high luminous efficiency, higher cost. led fluorescent tube lamp beads decrease based on the original, but actually increased optical efficiency, increase reliability, improve processing efficiency.
 2835 lamp beads led fluorescent light efficiency 2835 single lamp beads commonly used 0.2W 22-24LM, chip size is 10 * 30nm, this lamp beads suitable for applications led fluorescent. Advantages are analyzed as follows:
   1,2835 lamp beads package: chip direct conduction heat sink, to further improve the heat dissipation lamp beads itself, which can withstand higher current (40-60mA), brightness is also higher, excellent heat dissipation design, but also for LED chip light failure, life more secure;
   2, thin structure: 2835 thickness is 0.8mm, can solve the problem spots exist in 3528; oversized light-emitting surface: to improve light extraction efficiency: up to 90%.
3, luminous flux: fluorescent or 18Wled example:
     If you choose to use 0.2W 22-24LM of 2835, that requires 96 18W fluorescent lamp beads, lamp brightness is made whole: about 1800LM. 18w luminous efficacy reaches 100lm / W, enter the ranks of high-end led fluorescent led product which is the standard fluorescent tube.
 Low-end cheap led fluorescent tube, lamp beads low brightness, using a small chip to do. 18w luminous flux 1200-1400lm, the price is cheap. Illumination 
significantly reduced, less than the national illumination requirements銆侺ed fluorescent tube is recommended to choose, try to use high-efficiency lamps, the highest price.

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