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Isolation of LED lamp
longtech led tube  []  2014-11-24 19:53:48  

 Isolation of LED lamp

LED lamp tube, no electric shock isolation, but low efficiency, high cost, difficult installation, non isolation is not safe, easy electric shock, high efficiency, low cost
The isolation of the LED lamp power refers to the input end and the output end of a transformer isolation, can input and output isolation, high safety. Due to the addition of an isolation transformer, the efficiency of power supply would be reduced, usually at around 85%, and the volume of the transformer is relatively large, into the space inside the lamp tube will be significantly more nervous.
Non isolated LED lamp power refers to the input and output of a direct electrical connection, so the risk of electric shock output part of touch. Is currently used more non isolated buck type power supply, also is the alternating current rectification after DC high voltage, then the buck and constant current control circuit of Buck.
This non isolated LED lamp power supply characteristics are: simple circuit, small volume; usually efficiency between 88-90%; can output high voltage support hundreds of LED through the parallel composition of different lamp string. However, the non isolated power supply has limitations, because the power of non isolated will bring high voltage AC power supply leads to the output part, cause risk of electric shock. Are usually between the AC input and tube aluminum radiating shell by the printed board insulation, although the pressure can reach 2000V, but still very hard through CE and other security certification.
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