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How to improve the brightness of the LED lamp?
longtech led tube  []  2014-11-23 12:51:10  

 How to improve the brightness of the LED lamp?

Brightness of the LED lamp is decided by the working current, current some will be brighter, but each LED are working current is rated working current, such as: ordinary white small LED is about 25MA, if the current exceeds the rated value will cause premature aging or damaged LED. So in order to guarantee the LED of life, generally use the method to increase in the number of LED, or the use of high power LED methods to enhance brightness.
A / improve power conversion efficiency, reduce power loss
Two / to improve LED lamp luminous efficiency, improve the efficiency of light single LED lamp, the effect more obvious
Three / to improve the transparency of PC shade rate. Atomization lamp shade of light loss is relatively large, some as high as 25%, but not increase too much, too high will lead to see the effect of LED on the light.
The above three methods used at the same time, pay attention to coordination, can let the brightness of the LED lamp is greatly improved. At present the Bronte high brightness LED light, the light efficiency can reach to 130lm/w, i.e. 18wled lamp brightness reached 2400lm, a branch of LED lamp brightness counterparts to achieve the 2 branch of LED lamp brightness
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