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LED lamp PF values of power factor is what role?
longtech led tube  []  2014-11-22 10:12:00  

 LED fluorescent lamp power supply is a very important component in the lamp, also known as the drive. Power quality directly affects the service life of the LED lamp. LED lamp power supply is also the industry known as the soul of LED fluorescent lamp. There is a parameter called the power factor PF value, has very important significance for the power supply to the:

Power factor: cosine power factor is the voltage and current phase difference value. Because the current and voltage are Boxingtu, one is the sine graph, one is cosine map; because the 2 waveform difference of 1/4 cycle (i.e.: 90 degrees), so the formation of the PF value, in order to enhance the value of the PF, the need to increase a correction circuit in the power supply, so the PF value of the high cost of power supply relatively higher.
No PF correction circuit of PF value in general about 0.6, a PF circuit basic can reach about 0.9, or even higher. In the LED tube is the concrete manifestation of what? Look at the power meter, the same power, the higher PF value, current consumption is low, on the contrary, the low value of PF, the current consumption is high. Energy saving targets important.
This means that: the value of PF is also an index of energy saving some cheaper LED lamp, a power factor less than 0.5, we call it PF free, of course, energy-saving effect will be discounted. Low PF value when the will of the whole power supply system power grid pollution, when the PF value is low, rate of grid generation using electrical equipment is low, so the state of some large power electric equipment with PF value requirements.
Good quality LED lamp power factor PF value can reach 0.95-0.98
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