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LED lamp face "to power supply"
longtech led tube  []  2014-11-18 22:23:41  

 From a professional point of view, LED lamps and lanterns "to the power of" what defect? Or "to the power of" have no defects.

From the professional perspective, the defects of it there are several points there is no way to avoid, first of all is the adaptation will be relatively poor, environmental adaptability for electricity will also be on the point, I think there will be the problem. Led "to supply" of products we have tested, such as home LED bulb lamp, energy saving and low price from the point of view, it and the energy-saving lamp has little difference, can be said that in the Home Furnishing led ball bubble lamp of this kind of product will pop up a certain amount of.
But in the commercial lighting aspects, it itself is mounted on the cost is relatively high, in this case, what they see is not just price, power saving problem, they to the LED lamp itself will have other requirements. In addition "to supply" itself will be relatively poor compatibility. Overall, the fast changing this innovative semiconductor technology, have what change who all perhaps, we are also very important for this.
For the enterprises should attach great importance to, nor that caused what threat, for the power industry nowadays, in fact, further maturation of his threats from technology.
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