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Radar sensor led tube integration advantages
longtech led tube  []  2014-11-16 18:34:48  

 Radar sensor led tube integration advantages:

Led lamp integrated radar sensor technology was developed by Intelligent sensor function, LED lamp, lamp holder and other organic combine to form a new smart sensor lamps. Integration is a radar sensor led tube LED lamp for the mother, free garage stent-based smart sensor technology. With easy installation, energy saving. Can be used for parking, emergency corridors products. From the development point of view, the user needs is strong function, easy to operate, easy to use features, the use of relatively simple. Integrated radar sensor led tube generally have automatic protection feature that can avoid or reduce the possibility of electric shock between personal and lamps, and dramatically improves safety. With high reliability, high stability and long life. Integrated radar sensor led lamp life and high failure rate decrease, increase reliability and stability. Integrated radar sensor LED lamp can even do not require maintenance, with automatic diagnostics, auto-repair function.


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